Picking up a book to completion doesn’t work for me. I abandon a lot more than I manage to complete. Reasons for completing a book basically fall into three categories: I had to complete it due to reasons beyond my control (compulsory read), complete it to re-read it again (reading…

There has been no other scientist in the world whose name is so indissolubly linked with Einstein in all the textbooks of physics. Still, many do not know much about the man or his personality.

Satyendra was born in 1st January 1894 to a middle-class Bengali family in Calcutta…

The word juggernaut describe something that seems unstoppable, powerful, dominant. Online retailer Amazon is a juggernaut. Tennis player Rafael Nadal is a juggernaut on Clay Courts. Marvel Comics even has a supervillain named Juggernaut that possess infinite strength and invincibility.

“Juggernaut” is the product of the collision between two forces…

Mayukh Mukhopadhyay

Numbers alone don't get standing ovation; narratives does. Narratives inform, illuminate, and inspire. So, I tell more of them.

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